About Hans


Childhood Background

Growing up in a small college town in Iowa, I spent a lot of time outside roaming hillsides, climbing trees, and running through backyards (which had no fences).  We rode bikes, skateboards, and played in streams.  I still love being outdoors and staying active.  My hometown was one of those places where you know everyone.  Early on I was fascinated by all the different characters.  I wondered about why people did what they did and said what they said.  This was the beginning of my interest in psychology and human behavior.  While growing up, my dad was a pastor and professor, and my mom was a librarian.  Their love of knowledge, people, and helping others was a big influence for me.   In my practice today I view myself, in part, as an educator.  Teaching people ways to change behavior and providing psychological information is an integral part of what I do.

Early Interests and Education

When I was a teenager, I became passionate about art and music.  I still paint and draw with my twin 7 year old sons.  With a background in the Arts, I frequently encourage people who are creative to use art, music and writing as a part of their own therapeutic journey.  After college, while playing in a band, I found a day job working with people with disabilities. During this work I sometimes had the opportunity to sit in on mental health therapy sessions. This gave me a glimpse of the profession and inspired me to go to graduate school and become a counselor (and the band broke up after going through its fifth drummer).  While in graduate school at Arizona State, I met my wife-to-be who lived in Colorado.  Before long I had moved to Boulder where I completed my counseling internship at the Boulder County Health Department.

There and Back Again

Somehow, my wife and I made the mistake of leaving Colorado and spent the next 13 years in self-imposed exile in Arizona, Maryland, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.  While we enjoyed some amazing career and educational opportunities, ultimately we realized the error of our ways and happily moved back to Colorado in 2010.  We love living near the mountains and will never move again.  When I’m not in my office talking with clients, I can be found hiking in the foothills of Jefferson County, in my basement playing guitar, or attempting to coach my kids’ YMCA basketball team.

 Educational and Professional History

Hans is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado, and a National Certified Counselor. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Luther College, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Arizona State University.   Part of his Master’s Degree education involved completing two supervised internships – one in the area of Chronic Pain and Stress and the other in Substance Abuse.  To become licensed, Hans was supervised in a counseling agency for two years after completing graduate school.  Aside from private practice, he has practiced counseling in wide range of settings including: in-home counseling, juvenile jails and prisons, partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs, and mental health clinics.  For several years, he was also a part-time stay-at-home dad with his twin boys.  He has been self-employed in private practice since 2001.  His Denver area private practice started in the Highlands in 2010 and moved to Olde Town Arvada in 2011.